Lorie Irish


“I have a big heart for helping those who are willing to transition from a broken life to a new life, as productive, self- sustaining and contributing Christian members of society. I wear many hats, and guide our program participants toward getting on their feet, firmly planted in new successful ways.

I schedule participants in weekly Bible studies where the principles of successful Christian living are taught by seasoned Bible teachers and pastors.

As soon as we see a participant getting serious about starting a new productive life and displaying a right attitude, only then are we comfortable placing our ministry’s reputation on the line to find the participant their first job interview. Normally, job interviews are scheduled with a Christian-owned business which has indicated a willingness to consider a candidate with the right business fit and job skills for a second chance job.

I also advise participants on GED’s, driver’s licenses, preparation for job interviews, finding a place to stay, and finding a permanent church home for themselves and their families.

God has been shaping me all my life for this particular job. This is what I do. This is what I was made for.”

In His service,
Lorie Irish
Transitional Program Coordinator