CTM ministers to men and women, practically and spiritually, as they are released from the Chatham County Detention Center in Savannah, Georgia. Thousands of men and women are released each year with no access to work, accommodation, or funds to care for themselves.  They lack the knowledge and ability to change their situation.

Chatham Transitional Ministries exists to assist those individuals who desire to live productive, reformed lives to:

  • hear the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • learn healthy life skills
  • find employment
  • locate housing
  • become involved in a local church
  • grow in Christian faith and ethics
  • and all without any reliance on government assistance



  • Through relationships.  The best way to share a Christian worldview is by demonstrating caring involvement in the lives of people. CTM staff takes former inmates out on fun outings like bowling, fishing, and putt-putt golf, and provides opportunities for one-on-one mentoring and discipleship.
  • Through practical assistance. This includes help in countless forms, including: locating places for men and women to live, obtaining copies of birth certificates, visiting a church food closet, locating appropriate clothing for job interviews, and shuttling individuals to and from church services, interviews, Christian Recovery meetings, or fun activities.
  • By advocating. CTM staff actively meets with local pastors and congregations, speaks at shelters and in recovery programs, and contacts receptive local business owners and managers to promote opportunities for highly motivated former inmates to find work. Almost 400 individuals have been placed in local jobs with over 50 employers.
  • By God’s grace.  Everything that CTM does is in His service, and any success we’ve had is all due to God’s goodness and to the ongoing support of God’s people.  We receive no government funding, but rely on God’s faithful provision for every need.